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Heritage Boulevard, Morwell's new residential development is situated on 34 hectares of ideally positioned land and sets a new standard of high quality, affordable living, marking the start of a new chapter in reinvigorated local residential activity.

Commissioning a local market research study to ensure the plans would deliver exactly what local residents wanted, the result is 350-lot residential development known as Heritage Boulevard, with safety, security and a strong community focus at the core of its design.

With safety and a sense of community of such critical importance, every element of Heritage Boulevard’s design is geared towards creating a secure neighbourhood which encourages community participation.

The range of features which achieves this is broad and draws on specific urban design expertise. The layout of streets and positioning of homes create continuous natural surveillance. Strategically placed trees, communal spaces and landscaping with a pedestrian focus, act as highly effective vehicle speed restrictors.

Heritage Boulevard will also be characterised by stylish homes and gardens backed up by an ongoing fund to maintain immaculate presentation. The reasons for this go beyond aesthetics. Residents can be assured that the value of their investment will grow. By maintaining pride in the presentation of Heritage Boulevard, residents’ investments are protected along with the ongoing reputations of a host of local builders as well as Stockdale and Leggo and LandGipps.

Its enviable location close to the Morwell central business district and within a 10-minute walk to schools, recreation space and public transport, Heritage Boulevard boasts convenience and connectivity.

The residential development offers families with children accessibility to primary and secondary schools including the proposed consolidated primary school on Holmes Road.

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Lot 98475m2Unavailable
Lot 106714m2$129,500
Lot 107714m2$129,500
Lot 108714m2$129,500
Lot 109714m2$129,500
Lot 110525m2$112,000
Lot 111457m2Sold
Lot 112457m2$112,000
Lot 113457m2$112,000
Lot 114457m2$112,000
Lot 115457m2$112,000
Lot 116457m2$112,000
Lot 117457m2$120,000
Lot 118457m2$120,000
Lot 119457m2$120,000
Lot 120457m2$120,000
Lot 711707m2$128,000
Lot 712707m2$131,000
Lot 713707m2$128,000
Lot 714707m2$131,000
Lot 715707m2$128,000
Lot 716707m2Sold
Lot 717707m2Sold
Lot 718707m2Sold
Lot 719707m2$128,000
Lot 720707m2Sold
Lot 721745m2Sold
Lot 722745m2Sold
Lot 813795m2$137,000
Lot 814795m2$137,000
Lot 815795m2Sold
Lot 816795m2Sold
Lot 817795m2Sold
Lot 818825m2$142,000
Lot 819847m2Sold
Lot 820847m2Sold
Lot 821847m2Sold
Lot 822847m2Sold
Lot 823847m2Sold
Lot 824847m2Sold
Lot 93796m2Sold
Lot 94478m2Sold
Lot 95490m2Sold
Lot 96490m2Sold
Lot 97490m2Sold
Lot 99751m2Sold
Lot 100712m2Sold
Lot 101678m2Sold
Lot 102714m2Sold
Lot 103714m2Sold
Lot 104714m2Sold
Lot 105714m2Sold
Lot 801707m2Sold
Lot 802707m2Sold
Lot 803707m2Sold
Lot 804707m2Sold
Lot 805707m2Sold
Lot 806745m2Sold
Lot 807801m2Sold
Lot 808801m2Sold
Lot 809801m2Sold
Lot 810801m2Sold
Lot 811801m2Sold
Lot 812831m2Sold
Lot 78982m2Sold
Lot 79800m2Sold
Lot 80800m2Sold
Lot 81800m2Sold
Lot 82800m2Sold
Lot 83402m2Sold
Lot 84419m2Sold
Lot 85370m2Sold
Lot 86418m2Sold
Lot 87406m2Sold
Lot 88707m2Sold
Lot 89525m2Sold
Lot 90525m2Sold
Lot 91525m2Sold
Lot 92525m2Sold
Lot 61629m2Sold
Lot 62629m2Sold
Lot 63629m2Sold
Lot 64629m2Sold
Lot 65629m2Sold
Lot 66600m2Sold
Lot 67994m2Sold
Lot 68686m2Sold
Lot 69739m2Sold
Lot 70613m2Sold
Lot 71608m2Sold
Lot 72713m2Sold
Lot 73613m2Sold
Lot 74613m2Sold
Lot 75688m2Sold
Lot 76704m2Sold
Lot 77727m2Sold
Lot 27683m2Sold
Lot 28683m2Sold
Lot 29678m2Sold
Lot 30830m2Sold
Lot 31788m2Sold
Lot 32788m2Sold
Lot 33788m2Sold
Lot 34788m2Sold
Lot 35788m2Sold
Lot 36707m2Sold
Lot 37707m2Sold
Lot 38707m2Sold
Lot 39707m2Sold
Lot 40707m2Sold
Lot 41745m2Sold
Lot 42608m2Sold
Lot 43613m2Sold
Lot 44613m2Sold
Lot 45608m2Sold
Lot 46608m2Sold
Lot 47613m2Sold
Lot 50752m2Sold
Lot 51770m2Sold
Lot 52655m2Sold
Lot 53629m2Sold
Lot 54629m2Sold
Lot 55629m2Sold
Lot 56629m2Sold
Lot 57629m2Sold
Lot 58629m2Sold
Lot 59629m2Sold
Lot 60629m2Sold
Lot 1881m2Sold
Lot 2873m2Sold
Lot 3873m2Sold
Lot 4873m2Sold
Lot 5873m2Sold
Lot 6873m2Sold
Lot 7698m2Sold
Lot 8743m2Sold
Lot 9799m2Sold
Lot 10707m2Sold
Lot 11707m2Sold
Lot 12740m2Sold
Lot 13871m2Sold
Lot 141120m2Sold
Lot 15869m2Sold
Lot 16869m2Sold
Lot 17869m2Sold
Lot 18869m2Sold
Lot 19869m2Sold
Lot 20788m2Sold
Lot 21788m2Sold
Lot 22788m2Sold
Lot 23788m2Sold
Lot 24788m2Sold
Lot 25830m2Sold
Lot 26601m2Sold
Lot 48621m2Sold
Lot 49528m2Sold

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